DSC00740Diet Doc offers safe and permanent weight loss for patients nationwide without leaving the comfort of their home and without having to resort to costly and risky gastric bypass alternatives.

Unlike invasive weight loss surgery, Diet Doc’s medical diet plans offer a natural and safe solution to fast weight loss that help patients, not only lose embarrassing excess fat quickly, but also teach them what foods promote weight loss and prevent weight gain for long term weight management in lieu of invasive gastric bypass alternatives.

Many people, who have been unsuccessful in losing excess weight have resorted to gastric bypass alternatives. Although it may sound like a quick fix for a lifelong weight problem, the truth is that this invasive surgery for fast weight loss is not fast at all.

With a price tag in excess of $30,000, gastric bypass alternatives are oftentimes not within the grasp of the average American. And, not only is the surgery expensive, but more importantly, not unlike any other invasive surgical procedure, gastric bypass alternatives can pose a very significant risk for complications, such as bleeding, blood clots and infection, as well as a painful and lengthy recovery period.

Patients who seek gastric bypass alternatives for weight loss will find that eating normal food post-surgery is not possible and to avoid nausea and vomiting, food must be ground before ingesting. Patients also find the weeks and, sometimes, months of visits to the doctor office or weight loss clinic very time consuming and costly.

Diet Doc’s medical weight loss programs exclude pain and suffering, hospital stays or countless visits to weight loss clinics. The company’s new and modern approach to dieting has become the nation’s most reliable and trusted source for safe and fast weight loss and the most effective and popular gastric bypass alternative. By customizing diet plans that are created to be specific to each patient’s personal needs, patients nationwide are trimming their waistline, restoring their health and looking and feeling better than ever before.

Unlike the slow weight loss progress with gastric bypass alternatives, Diet Doc’s prescription hormone treatments and uniquely designed diet plans turn the body into a fat burning machine and melt pounds and inches at an amazing pace. In fact, the majority of Diet Doc patients report a noticeable weight loss within days of following the diet plans, and in the most difficult and stubborn areas to lose, such as the belly, underarms, hips and thighs.

Diet Doc offers incomparable services to patients in even the remote areas of the country, delivering a consistent effective medical weight loss program directly to patients’ doors. The company’s in-house experts monitor each patient’s comfort level, attitude and weight loss progress while guiding every patient through their personal health journey. This level of communication and personal service is unparalleled by the competition.

Everyone who is struggling to lose embarrassing, excess weight is encouraged to take the first step today by calling the nation’s leader in medical weight loss without resorting to costly and risky gastric bypass alternatives.